Located at 34 Bruce Park Ave, in Greenwich, CT, this residential construction designed by Dan Conlon AIA displays a wonderful set of interiors that make you wonder how it would be like to live here. The condominium benefits from many modern features like the three inviting fireplaces and hardwood flooring throughout. This is the story behind the project, as seen by the architects: “When  Dan Conlon AIA  was first contacted by  builder / designer /developer Joseph DeJesus, he had no idea it was for a modern loft project in the heart of downtown Greenwich Ct . Greenwich, known for it’s classical colonial , Georgian and shingle style architecture was about to get a taste of Hollywood Glam . Dan’s design for the exterior came from wanting it to feel like a prewar warehouse that had been added to and renovated in to modern downtown loft living . 

The initial footprint came from the property setbacks on this unique shaped lot . He was able to design an over 60 foot structure in 35 foot height zone due to the fact that the back of the building is back filled up to the middle of the 4th floor.The owner did all of the interior design , choosing very modern finishes. The glass stairs were designed and custom built for the project . Radiant heat in polished concrete , is used with a separate zone for each room. There is a five stop private elevator in each unit as well as a rooftop terrace with outdoor fire place.” Exterior features include a patio, terrace and balcony, so the inhabitants can enjoy spending time recharging their batteries with fresh air and direct natural sunlight. maybe you’re interested in buying this property. If this is the case, you can find more details at Sotheby’s.