We are here to help you start 2012 in a happy tone. We believe adding color in your home is the answer to many of life’s little worries. That is why for today we gathered 15  colorful apartments that were showcased on Freshome in 2011. Enjoy each and everyone of them and as usual, click on each photo for more pictures and details about the project in question.

#1. Even a small loft can become a candidate for a perfect dream home. This residential space is an example of how great partitioning and vividly bright spaces adorned with colors and patterns can transform a boring space into a youthful, elegant loft. Occupying 58 square meters, this apartment displays functional spaces divided on two floors. Have a look!

#2. This unique home found is located just 5 minutes away from Barcelona and features a stunning combination of old and new. Recently renovated for a young couple with two children, the crib kept most of its initial design details intact, but added special color accents to boost its energy level.

#3. This particular apartment does not obey any rules. The lovely crib has a total surface of 125 square meters and features a charming fireplace and a generous terrace to the south, which offers stunning views of Stockholm and its rooftops. The colorful rug on the living room floor cheers up the room and adds personality.

#4. Cleverly designed, this 87 square meter Penthouse Apartment in Malmo, Sweden has an ingenious floor plan with plenty of space for a black and orange kitchen from Vedum, a bright and artistic dining space and a spacious living area created as one seamless space. Just click the photo in order to see all the colorful details!

#5. An apartment like the one can change the way you look at color and simplicity gathered in a bright and well lit space. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, this 6 rooms home occupies the last two floors of a building and offers its inhabitants a serene place to live in.

#6. SoHo Penthouse in New-York City promises to fulfil a lot of dreams for the lucky person who snatches it up. For the price of $16 million, the penthouse loft offers exquisite interiors designed by Nico Rensch of UK-based design company Architeam. Featuring a fabulous double-height living room, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the loft located in a quiet, co-op building displays a dramatic character and a bold interior design.

#7. This 105 square meter apartment in Barcelona also  draws attention due to a vivid design and an original house plan. Envisioned by Miel Arquitectos, the house is organized around a diagonal axis and on both sides, the rooms follow one another creating triangular shapes.

#8. With a total living area of 98 square meters and four rooms, this next home inspires a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. A large open plan living room bathed in natural light and filled with color sets the tone for the entire apartment.

#9. This particular apartment below was sent to us by a reader and is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Custom made wallpapers and rich magenta tones make it a comfortable and happy small crib. Just click on the photo for more details!

#10. If modern interior design is your focal point, then this is the type of dwelling that is sure to get your heart racing. Roger’s Penthouse seems to be a stylish reflection of its surrounding contemporary architecture. An original mix of metal bars and glass defines the overall design of this crib, which becomes the stage for an unusal, yet appealing game of light.

#11. The atmosphere captured within this lovely Scandinavian apartment is serene and welcoming. The next crib composed of two rooms plus kitchen and occupying an area of 55 square meters can be characterized by simple forms, symmetry, unity and peace.

#12. Invaded by color, the house below features so many inspiring ideas that we found it hard not to enjoy each and every photo in detail. Having a privileged location in the attic of a downtown building, this apartment in Madrid was organized and decorated to accommodate a couple in a bright, sophisticated and refreshing environment.

#13. Celio Apartment was designed by Italian architect Carola Vannini and is located near the famous Colosseum in Rome, Italy. With a total budget of €250.000, the 2,580 square foot loft was recently renovated in a beautiful minimalist manner. Color was an important factor in the design.

#14. With a total area of ??98 square meters and a beautiful terrace, this crib accommodates a generous living room, a bright and airy kitchen plus bathroom. Showcasing freshness and vitality, the living room was decorated with the help of a  purple sofa, beautiful pine floors, windows with deep niches and a large dining area

#15. Gathering elegance and exuberance under one roof, this home is filled with a bold collection of color palettes that bring out the best in its space arrangement. Dedicating itself to the well-being of its owners, this beautiful home in Eceira, Portugal, was designed by Monica Penaguião of Poeira Interior Design.