This Gothenburg Apartment displays a cheerful set of details that create an bright and inviting overall look. With just enough space to live a comfortable life, this 52 square meters apartment displays original white painted floors throughout, and the interiors have high ceilings that brighten up the place. Decorative wall coverings in each room make the rooms cozy – the entrance hall displays a bold lilies of the valley on dark background wallpaper and this motif can also be found in the design of the table lamp seen in the kitchen.  In the hall, built-in storage with rods, hooks and shelves acts as the perfect place to store your belongings. Although the living room looks a bit dull, it offers astounding views of the city and the west harbor. Pink romboid patterned wallpaper gives the living room a romantic feel, just like the a pink patterned wallpaper in the bedroom. A subtle white striped wallpaper covers the kitchen’s walls and the matte white kitchen units spread from floor to ceiling, maximizing the storage space. Located in the city’s historic district, the apartment seen on Alvhem welcomes inhabitants and guests with its elegant and bold interiors.