We were intrigued by the work of Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira, whose original installations bring disruptions to gallery walls and probably to visitors’ minds. Oliviera uses tree trunks that are splitting and dying (worn by time and weather), in order to draw attention on the unseen forces that contribute to the decay of city life. The materials are collected by the artist on the streets of São Paulo. The peels of wood are curled onto a PVC pipe skeleton and then usually painted in a vivid color palette. The overall result is that of trees bursting out of gallery walls, an impressive and dynamic sight. According to My Modern Met, the idea for these works and exhibitions generated when Henrique Oliviera noticed a gradually peeling fence outside his window, back when he was a student in São Paulo. He used the dismantled fence in order to create his first project of this kind. Find his works as startling as we do?