Situated at the junction of two streets in Zagreb, Croatia, the elegant house with a smooth white facade that goes by the name Jelenovac Residence displays a strong connection to the surrounding landscape. The architects who worked on designing this house – DVA Arhitekta – describe their view on the project: “The house is positioned in a way that enables forming of a smaller garden which serves as a tampon zone between the traffic and big garden. The terrain slope generates house pedestal which comprises secondary facilities; the outside spaces, the entrance. Floor plan follows the geometry of the site and divides itself in two parts. The middle volume contains spiral staircase cladded in wood, who’s sculptural form of curved surfaces corresponds with the orthogonal system of the house in an unusually soft manner, making the element a center piece of interior. Decomposing of the volumes originates in function. In a larger volume all living spaces are placed, while the smaller one comprises additional utilizable spaces. The smooth white facade in contrast with dark openings creates dynamics and elegance of the facade. Glass fences allow undisturbed views towards the beautiful scenery.”