Page Road House is a contemporary home designed by Andrew Cohen Architects and located near Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The residence has an original, sculptural shape and was developed in connection to its surrounding landscape defined by trees and agrarian land. According to the architects, the strategy was to “to compose the plan first and then wrap it in a tight skin, so the building’s function is the source of its exuberant form. Spaces are arranged along the interior according to frequency of use and various levels of privacy to break down the 6,995-sf space into discrete interlocking volumes. The kitchen and primary living spaces occupy the ground level, with direct access to the terraces and the adjacent landscape. In the living room, floor-to-ceiling windows are set at grade to create a seamless and porous relationship with the landscape. The rest of the house’s program areas are located across a wide landing at the main entry, which offers another layer of privacy from visitors.” Enjoy the design ideas this home offers and don’t forget to give us your feedback.