We recently received photos and information about a project designed by studio MO..OW design based in Moscow, Russian Federation. Here is the press release we were sent: “This new apartment location  on the coast of Marbella, Spain has been chosen by the client due to its wonderful view of Gibraltar.The client wished to completely change the existing Andalusian style of interior. We chose high-tech style as subconsciously opposite to extremely hot weather during almost entire year in this area. In this project the vertical plan carries the main idea of the design. Curves were drawn in vertical plan and were pushed horizontally.

There are two basic parts as the result – two surfaces in the salon smoothly flow from ceilings to the walls and then to the floor. One of them made of glass, works as a semi-mirrored wall and doubles the space. On the opposite side and in the center of the apartment there is another surface made from three different materials: zebrano wood on the floor, framing of leather “Ferrari” color on the wall and white glass on the ceiling as a central lighting of the room. The rest of the walls in the salon were covered by beige marble as a symbol of sandy beaches along the coast. We suggested green marble as a cladding for the bathroom which has a view to inner yard, and blue marble for another bathroom with amazing sea view”. Have a look at the photos and tell us what you think of the results!