Not so long ago we posted an interview with Meneghello Paolelli Associati, an Italian design agency that creates some pretty unique and creative sanitaryware. One of the bits of advice they gave us for bringing more creativity into the bathroom was to stop seeing the bathroom like a toilet and try to incorporate elements from other rooms in the house. This is the exact approach that Italian bathroom company Ex.t is taking and I have to say that I think this approach really works.

In order to make the bathroom a less traditional place, Ex.t offers multifunctional, versatile furniture solutions that can be used in all spaces of the house. All the objects are characterized by practical, simple and original aesthetics, and would look just as good in the living room or bedroom as they do in the bathroom.

Ex.t objects are designed by up-and-coming designers on the international design scene and are handcrafted in small laboratories in Tuscany, according to the artisanal tradition, which prioritises the use of metal, ceramics and wood. In this way, the flair of the Italian manufacturer is blended with the functional design vision of the international designers who created them: Sigrid Strömgren (Sweden), Hannes Gumpp (Germany), Gemma Fabbri (UK), Meike Langer (Germany), and Hiroshi Kawano (Japan).

This particular range has a rather northern European feel to it, which is felt through the choice of the colour nuances – Iceland grey, sky blue cloud, ice grey and pale pink – used for the furniture, accessories and lighting featured in the 2012 collection.

So how do you feel about these multifunctional pieces of furniture being used in the bathroom? It may not be traditional but I think it looks pretty good!