Found on Sotheby‘s, this modern, imposing and elegant building shows how Bay Front modern living should look like. With its impressive 25 rooms, 4 of which are bedrooms and pampering the inhabitants with 5 and a half en suite bathrooms, the dream property is located in Mill Valley, California. On the market for $6,875,000, the property overlooking San Francisco’s Bay area spreads over 6130 square feet. Inside, the luxurious single family home shelters a contemporary collection of rooms: living, dining and kitchen, a fitness room, a sun room, steam room, library and the guest suite. Terraces and decks, as well as carefully planned interior living spaces capture beautiful views at day and sparkling lights of Sausalito at night, impressing owners and guests with a breathtaking scene composed of hills, stretches of water and the city’s skyline. Displaying glass walls and high ceilings, the exquisite modern residence has easy access to the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, making it easy to go out into town or enjoy a day at the beach.