For those of you who love a bold, volumetric architecture, House Lam will inspire you to renovate your own crib using modern materials and a powerful design. Created by Johannesburg-based studio Nico Van Der Meulen Architects, the residential project you can see in the photos is the result of a massive renovation underwent by a 1950?s house. Revamped and displaying a powerful three-story structure, the contemporary residence is located in Bedfordview, one of Johannesburg’s suburb in South Africa. The five story fall from the south-east to the north-west corner challenged the architects to construct the infinity edge pool on a 3 meters in diameter column, cantilevering over the first floor. This special location offers unobstructed views of the city, slightly inserting the pool inside, where glass partitions delimit the inside/outside space.

Another fantastic design detail created by Werner van der Meulen is the massive rock clad wall that cuts the residence in half on a north-south axis, transforming into an impressive red-painted beam supporting the lanai roof. Here are a few words from the architects describing the remodeled floor plan: ” The original foot print area was extended to create extra garages and a new first floor added , which houses three suites, a pyjama lounge and a kid’s study. Staff accommodation was placed on top of the new garage. The original two kids bedrooms became a study, and the original main suite a guest suite. The ground floor living space was gutted, and a large open plan, partially double volume living space housing the family room, dining room, kitchen and ancillary spaces created. A new 6x13meter lanai next to the pool was added on the only piece of usable land on the north side , growing out of the mountain, with spectacular views to the north and west. The original cellar was retained as a wine cellar and a home theatre with views into the pool.” The last two photos show how the house looked before the renovation. It seems that the remodel brought a new life to the old residence, creating a unique, breathtaking single family home.