Magdeburg, Germany, is the place where you can visit and admire the Open Air Library. With a budget of $325,000 Euros, the library was built on a surface of 488 square meters. The project started in2005, when residents of an abandoned district centre in East Germany used crates to build a district library and donated books filled the shelves of the former district library’s site. KARO Architekten were commissioned to build the modern Open Air Library we can see today. The abandoned industrial landscape was adorned with a fantastic urban experiment in the shape of a modern library, constructed from pieces of the modernist facade of the old HORTEN warehouse of the City of Hamm, built back in 1966. With no need for registration, the public library gathers readers in a contemporary outdoor setting. Readers can take books and bring them back or bring other ones in exchange, so that everyone can enjoy this open place and the knowledge it brings. Open 24 hours a day, the Open Air Library is also used for public readings, local band concerts and other cultural events. The elementary school uses the library for theater plays and every community member can take part in this cultural experiment.