The fascinating uniqueness of the Sarpi Border Checkpoint meets the undulating coast of the Black Sea in the small village of Sarpi, Georgia. Located on the border between Turkey and Georgia, the village is a major business travel checkpoint and this required a contemporary iconic checkpoint building that would unite people and ideas in a unique customs headquarters. The construction shelters a cafeteria, staff rooms and a conference room on the two-story building on the ground, while the tower’s multiple floors allow it to be used as a viewing platform overlooking the coastline and the calming stretches of water of the Black Sea. Its undulating design was conceived by Berlin-based J. Mayer H. Architects and completed in November 2011. The client – Georgia’s Ministry of Finance – needed the construction to welcome visitors in a way that would visually describe the country’s “progressive upsurge“, as the architects put it. How many of you would like to visit this creative tower found on Architizer?