Base Camp Chewton Residence is a project developed by Melbourne-based studio Insite Design and located in central Victoria, Australia. The compact, multi-functional home sits on a landscape defined by rolling hills, eucalyptus forests and rocky outcrops  Its elongated shape is said to maximize solar control and is just one clever element in a series of environmental ideas that were applied for this residence. According to the architects,”the building is located in a high level bush fire zone; materials required low combustibility, opening windows stainless steel mesh screens, all doors & openings were appropriately smoke-sealed, and the underside of the building is mesh screened to reduce risk of ember attack. The interior incorporates large wide views of nature, as well as close up landscape porthole punctuations in solid walls. These frames provide particular views of the landscape in time, allowing occupants to consciously experience the bush at different moments of day, season or weather condition. It is a space to hear the rain on roof, birds in trees, and to see stars at night”. Providing a perfect retreat for meditation, the residence can be booked all year long, with prices starting from $195 to $250 Australian dollars per night.