Spreading over 455 square meters, House R‘s floor plan was comprised between the walls of its four-story height structure. Designed by German architect Roger Christ and located in Karlsruhe, Germany, the interiors of this beautiful modern home can be reached either via the north main entrance or via the carport underneath. A forecourt and a ramp in the front allow easy access into the residence, where family and guests can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in the presence of contemporary interior design. On the inside, there is also the possibility of moving through the spaces using either the staircase or the elevator. Each floor has its own charm and well-planned collection of spaces.

Guest rooms and bathrooms, alongside an interior pool rest on the basement floor, where a light shaft ensures enough natural light. The ground floor shelters the entrance, a bright double-height living room with integrated kitchen and dining area for socializing and entertaining, the home office and a bathroom. The first floor is occupied by a more private living area where the family can gather to share their news and stories, a gallery and two children’s bedrooms with dressing rooms and bathrooms. The attic floor, complete with a roof terrace on three sides, comforts the parents with a seamless space consisting of a bed, washbasin, bath tub, bathroom-box and dressing area, all creating a fabulous master bedroom. Although it might seem large, this residence is perfect for the family living here.