We recently received a press release from Everything But The Box, with two of their new daring speaker designs. Here is the information we were sent: “Terra MK3 and Luna speakers continue the tradition in modern design and high quality components and craftsmanship. Both new products have an unforgettable design and extremely high-end finishing, soft and amazingly deep and solid bass, absolutely transparent mids and fresh non-fatiguing high frequencies. The loudspeakers can be used for stereo sound, 2.1 active system together with home cinema or for studio monitoring. Our products are breaking every tradition in Hi-Fi speakers design. They are not your traditional box but a piece of art that delivers high quality sound. We use only top quality materials and components and pay special attention to each step of the manufacturing process. We believe firmly in the outstanding quality of our products. That is why our standard manufacturer’s warranty is 5 years on parts and labor”. The first three photos portray the Luna speakers, while the second set showcases Terra MK3. Wild, aren’t they?