Ring was envisioned by artist Arnaud Lapierre and was a project implemented in VENDÔME square, Paris, as part of FIAC Art Fair. We received some information of the project from the developer, and we are happy to share them forward: “Ring is an installation which takes into consideration the urban space networking : the rhythm, flow, organization and spatial hierarchy. The installation embodies a visual effect that is to connect all of these interactions through the implementation of an optical effect: the repetition of an cubic mirror to break the perception of the place. This dynamic installation changes the relationships between individuals and the space they are going through.

“Ring” invites the visitor  to play with the installation and space on two levels: The very first approach would be more related to experience a change in the urban areas: as a temporal kinetics. The facets of each cube reflects the place and reconstruct a paradigm that breaks the reading of the course. Ring work at this stage as a visual intrusion, an acceleration that changes the perception of the  visited place. This is a spacial rediscovery. In a second step, the installation proposes to get inside, to see his own image multiplied to infinity, which collides with urban detail, it is now a place outside time and outside spatiality, in total rupture with the outside principle . The vision is more intimate”. What is your opinion regarding the contemporary art installations we feature on Freshome? Would you like to see more similar projects in the future?