South Yarra house was designed by LSA Architects and is an imposing contemporary home located in Melbourne, Australia. In a neighborhood that is dense in various architecture styles, the architects wanted a residence that stands out. Applying color and focusing on glazing- these were the main elements used to engage the viewer. According to the architects’ description, “an orange box that is the first floor can be observed from as far away as the end of the street. Upon entering the house, the white ceiling abruptly gives way to the overhead insertion of this form, reminding the viewer of their connection with the coloured volume. Arched glazing either side of the dining area physically separates interior from exterior, yet enables views of the orange-clad ceiling wrapping to form the external walls of the first floor, increasing connection to the exterior and the building as a whole“. Energy consumption is reduced with the help of electricity-generating solar panels, double-glazed windows and fully insulated walls. Do you find this home design appealing or too flashy?