Photographer William Waldron ‘s portfolio features some lovely interiors, but this one deserves special attention. Found on La Dolce Vita, the custom made cocktail table in the image above adorns the room, adding glamor and originality. We wanted to know more about this unique piece, so we looked it up. The table was designed by Mattia Bonetti and is part of a larger furniture collection made up of products inspired by jewelery. Don’t believe us? Just check out the designs below and contemplate on the unusual necklace-inspired textures! The tables have a “wow” effect, not to mention a modern look, making them fit great in minimalist interiors. An eclectic bachelorette’s room would also be an inspired idea when it comes to finding the right space for the designs below. Naturally, we are curious in finding out your opinions regarding these tables. Would you consider having one in your home?

“Broken Pearl Necklace” Desk

“Necklace” side table