Traditionally, when you think of ceramic tiles, the first things that spring to mind are those small, flat, square tiles that people so often use to decorate their homes. However, Turkish designer Yi?it Özer has come up with a new collection that completely turns the idea of ceramic tiles on its head.

The Versatile collection is produced by Turkish manufacturer Kütahya Seramik and is comprised of two different models – Arc and Axis. The multi-purpose collection offers tens of different tiling options using the very same tile to create a variety of stunning designs and enables the user to express themselves more freely through the geometry that the tiles create.

The tiles have unique 3D properties due to the raised surface of the tile in an arc shape, which allows for a playful interaction with light and creates an unusual sense of depth within a room. The Versatile collection takes traditional tile design into a new, third dimension, where the tile is no longer just a flat surface that covers or protects a wall.

Bringing functionality together with innovation and creativity, Kütahya Seramik has created a tile collection that offers unique and innovative solutions for architectural projects. Through the 3D property of the tiles, high level of functionality, various design options, and the ease of application, Versatile can be used in interior spaces of all sizes such as office buildings, lobbies, halls, bedrooms and hotels.

The Versatile collection was awarded a Red Dot Design Award earlier this year in the interior design category when it was selected as one of the ‘best of the best’ products. As far as we’re concerned this was a well-deserved recognition for both Yi?it Özer and Kütahya Seramik. The ceramic tile industry has never looked so exciting! What do you think?