From their home-based studio tucked in the remote mountain village of El Valle, New Mexico, the husband/wife furniture design duo Larry and Nancy Buechley crafted a charming furniture collection that includes dinning tables, consoles, rockers and chairs. They recently sent us some information and photos about these inspiring twisted coffee table bases, which we are happy to share further: Both art majors in college — Larry focusing on sculpture, Nancy on painting — the two found themselves increasingly drawn to furniture design and construction. The results of the artists turned self-taught furniture makers are dramatic twisting, turning furniture masterpieces with impossible flowing lines. “Because we approach our work from an art background, rather than a technical school side, we are more interested in form, balance, positive and negative space,” says Larrry. The coffee tables are available for purchase online here, with prices ranging from $1800 for the Wovenwood Coffee Table Base (first photo of the post), to $2000 for the Trefoil Coffee Table Base (second picture).