Joseph Walsh‘s Enignum Chairs Collection shows how the evolution of design can create a fantastic collection of modern chairs. The first photo shows the latest addition to the collection – the Enignum III Chair that comes in a series of 6 unique pieces. This chair displays an undulating design made of thin stripes of wood. A combination of Olive ash, copper and silk woven textile, finished in white oil, gave life to the third chair in the series, creating an unequaled, contemporary design. For the Enignum I and II Chairs, Joseph Walsh used Olive ash and suede, differentiating the two designs in concept and details. The designer’s words can best describe the inspiration for the series and the name, and construction technique used to manipulate the material: “In the Enignum series of work, I have stripped wood into thin layers, manipulating and reconstructing them into free form compositions. I then shape through these layers to reveal not only the honesty of the structure but the sculpted form which is a unique collaboration of man and material. The title derives from the Latin words Enigma (‘mystery’) and Lignum (‘wood’), for me they sum up the series: the mystery of the composition lies in the material.” Which one is your favorite?