Silhouette Sideboards come from Marco Sousa, an architect working with Bat Eye in Portugal. According to the press release we were sent, the “Silhouette” concept derives from the “shapes” of the city of Porto: “Following my degree and after several years dedicated to architecture, I felt the need to design furniture, which would bring together the elements that bridge art and architecture. My pure thoughts turned into spiritual and cultural expressions from the places. The shapes, movements, gestures, (chromatic) that my eyes behold are transcribed into the furniture as a tribute to those places. The intention is to create parts from all over the world for the world. The city’s silhouette is not wiped from our memory, even when our eyes are closed“. The Silhouette sideboards feature hand-painted tiles, stainless steel supports and high-gloss finish. Their imposing dimensions (height 95cm, width 230cm, depth 85cm) call for a large room with a clean design approach. Do you appreciate this daring idea?