Designed by UK-based architectural studio MOOARC, the former 15th Century barn on the Island of Guernsey was transformed into a high-end, luxurious modern home that was named La Concha House. By remodeling the old structure, the architects created a fabulous private residence featuring natural ventilation and recycled building materials. The inspiration that led to the construction of this beautiful home cam e from the map to measure the density of cities mainly in black and white – “The Nolli plan of Rome” -1748. The first level of the house shelters the kitchen and dining space, with the living space placed above, on a mezzanine level. The smart floor plan contains a play area opening to a terrace in the front of the house and private bedrooms and bathrooms were placed in the back of the house.

Describing the house, the architects say that: “The bedroom block is stepped in across the width of the site to allow a visual link out into the rear garden from the dining space. The house was conceived as a separate sleeping block linked to the barn via a glazed entrance piece allowing the mass of the original barn to breathe. The retained structure of the barn has been revealed, with the internal space for living expressed as a single volume.” The extensive use of glass merged with the exceptional stone facade makes this residence modern and luxurious, while the interiors display a fascinating feeling of comfort, don’t you think?