The presentation movie below starts with the following hypotheses: ” Imagine you fridge knows your food and the expiration dates” and “Imagine you want to cook your favorite dish and your fridge knows what ingredients are missing and where you can get them the cheapest“. Got your attention? This futuristic refrigerator is a project developed during the summer term at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. It is based on the idea that future product tags will be printable. This is how know-it-all fridges will be available. Equipped with an interactive terminal, this fridge will be able to exhibit the products held inside, together with all their nutritional details and expiration dates. Moreover, the touch display can provide facilities such as a cook book, indication about where to buy missing groceries and many more. Fabian Kreuzer and Markus Lorenz Schilling created a prototype for this fridge, said to be able to display and to process a single operation. The concept, design and video below also belongs to them.