YN-13 House is a complex residential three-volume structure interrupted by “corridors” of outside space. An imposing two-storey main structure houses the entertaining facilities and living spaces on one floor and private quarters on the next, while two smaller volumes shelter a guest wing and a garage. Successfully designing the cedar-cladded complex of structures, architects from Manhattan-based Morris Sato Studio, inspired by historic buildings of Kyoto and Kanazawa, Japan, built a terne-coated stainless steel roof that compliments the colors and shape of the entire set of boxed structures.

In order to better understand the carefully designed inside spaces, the architects description of the interior architecture will help:  “In the interior, the minimally partitioned first level allows for an uninterrupted diagonal flow of loft-like space and the expansive glazing at the corners connecting indoor and outdoor activities. The second level’s bedrooms are punctured with a series of openings and terraces providing light and views. A large interior void joins the two floors in a continuous convection of air ventilating the interior. The void additionally serves as a spatial inversion of light at the inner most point in the volume and as a counterpoint to fireplace and masonry chimney tower on the exterior. The single-storied guest wing and garage buildings define an enclosed courtyard space for the swimming pool, gardens and views to the ocean beyond.Would you like to have a residence made of many volumes or do you prefer a single structure for all daily activities?