The appeal of light and airy interiors of spring and summer are always welcomed as the weather turns warm, but as autumn sets in, and Halloween grows near, the appeal of dark interiors to warm up next to a crackling fireplace are more inviting for the season. Whether you love dark accents throughout your home of deep walnut stained wood floors, or you enjoy the heavy and dark textiles of dramatic bedding in your bedroom, here are some dark interiors to create the perfect Halloween themed interior for you to surround yourself in.

  • Layer your Halloween home in deep comfort: If you only allude to Halloween as cold and lifeless interiors, it’s time to put a new thought into your head! How about dark and heavy textiles to emerge your home in? From velvet and velour to rich brown leathers and black lacquered accents are the perfect way to feel surrounded in warm luxury and dark glimpses of comfort. If it’s already cold in your home, consider layering coordinating patterns and textiles in your bedding, drapery, and accent bed pillows to create the perfect sanctuary for not getting out of your bed on a Saturday morning! In your kitchen use dark furniture to play off of deep colored cabinetry and lighting for a unique dining and cooking experience.
  • Collections, collections, collections: Do you have one of those homes that you have a collection, but are not quite sure what to do with it, or how to display it? Create a striking display by taking an accent wall painted in your favorite dark paint – from gorgeous steel gray, to deep burgundy or espresso brown, and show off your collections in high contrast style. A white marble mantle can make the perfect show off piece for your vases, antiques and vintage collections. Dark accent walls have a perfect way of highlighting what once looked like clutter and got lost in your interiors. Don’t have a collection quite yet, go ahead and start one! The simplest white dinnerware hung on a dark wall in an eye-catching pattern can make a dramatic collection instantly.
  • Dark with hints of whimsy: For many, dark interiors convey gloom, and coldness, while dark interiors can have pops of color added to the room to take off the hard edge. Try pairing up your favorite deep color upholstered couch with playful neon pillows, or set is beside a killer hot pink coffee table! Whether you choose a high piled shag area rug or a mustard yellow pendant lamp, don’t let your dark interiors dictate your mood. Enjoy the mystery and sophistication of dark interiors with pops of whimsy appeal. Artwork, sculptures, lighting, and bookshelves can also be used to bring in shots of color and visual interest to take the edge off.
  • Let your dark interior inspire: A designer trend in many homes in using color that is tone on tone color with the walls, flooring, ceiling and doors to create an enveloped effect of dark colors. Then by adding furniture with saturated colors against the backdrop of the room, makes the individual furniture pieces shine in their own glory. This technique is perfect for homes that have an inspiring piece of furniture or artwork that you want to be the spotlight of the room. When trying this technique, try to deliver plenty of light into the space through windows, artificial lighting or both to ensure a ‘cave-like’ feeling doesn’t over power the space.

Who said Halloween is only for one day? This holiday can inspire your interiors with dark colors for all of autumn and into the next season. Dark elements can warm, and show off your key elements in any room. If you decide to go for dark, consider the lighting, and other members of your household to get their opinion. While dark colors are mysterious, they have different connotations for everyone. The beauty of decor is that everyone sees it in their own light and for dark interiors that light may brighten your whole mood.