Since our research is …endless, we decided to create a special post that brings together some of the best interiors we see on Saturdays. Why on this particular day? Considering that during the week we usually publish news, interviews and the projects you guys send over, that leaves little time for stumbling across *other* genius random interiors. But most of all, we chose this day because we want to give you something to dream about during the week-end and because we love Saturday design spotting. Without any further ado, here are some cool ideas we captured this morning, while trying to put this post together:

This first interior belongs to an attic apartment designed by Studio Damilano. Every single room in this chic apartment amazes due to its great design and modern furniture approaches. But this particular part of the house is truly striking.

This next room belongs to Hotel Mykonos Theoxenia in Greece. What you see in the photo below is actually the lobby of the accommodation unit. What a way to greet your guests!

A quick change in style, and here is an interior for the ones who love prison themes. “Any such persons?” you ask. Oh, you would be surprised. As long as this type of design doesn’t bring back memories, it will be considered very cool. You will probably be surprised to find out this interior is part of a collection belonging to actress Diane Keaton, called “K by Keaton“.

Minimalist and creative, this idea could be implemented in a modern home where space is not a problem. This interior belongs to a residence that was initially a hospital. We featured it a while back here.

We never really get old of Swedish apartments, so here is a simple design hint that blends creativity with function. White walls, black and white wallpaper, minimalist arrangements, all resulting into a living room and a dining area compressed into a very small space. And all these, with no compromises in style. Simply genius.

This next bedroom looks so inviting! One would think that putting up three giant flower posters near your bed could be spooky. But in this case, the result is charming to say the least. And the covers look so fluffy. And just notice how well is each inch of space taken advantage of. We found this incredible apartment on New York Times.

Spotted in Elle Decor Spain, this next image may be cause for controversy. Which is why we love it. Crazy, completely unexpected, yet strangely appealing.

We found this next idea via Hh Florence Hotel and find it very pampering. A large bed, with white sheets and golden plates…yes, definitely. This is a room for a queen. But with a bed like this, who needs a chair next to it?

Why a ladder in the kitchen? Because it can give you more storage space. Just check out this ingenious idea we found on Dwell. We just love the row of jars.

This image is from an apartment we featured a while back, but the idea never gets old. Exposed wooden beams, odd stairways and a lovely color palette is what makes this place great.

Well this wraps it up for today’s design rants. We are looking forward to see your opinions on this post. We want to know if you enjoy seeing random ideas on Freshome, even though Saturday is mostly for sleeping. Or is it? See you next week, and if you stumbled upon an interior you consider inspirational and would like to see it featured in “Saturday Design Spotter”, drop a line and a photo at Have a great week-end, all!