Wasserfall Munting Architects have completed an office building for an engineering consulting firm in Windhoek, Namibia, called Bührmann & Partners. The building is a result of a mini-competition and lies on a narrow 1500sqm property in the residential area of Klein Windhoek. Here is an excerpt from the architects’ official project description: “Besides proposing the demolition of the existing house, the clients’ brief stipulated that its immaculate garden had to be maintained. Other requirements included the use of off-shutter concrete and the introduction of a water element. The three partners had to be accommodated in separate offices with views over the garden. Simplicity and geometric clarity were the overriding design aspirations. A long concrete beam, with impressive clear spans, is employed as a prominent circulation axis demarcating a clear approach to the building for both visitor and staff, and separating the production and administrative or service zones. It also serves as a unifying element that ties the various single storey building components and staff-parking structures into a single architectural entity“. An interesting approach for an office building, don’t you agree?