Whether you prefer autumn colors gracing your interiors or you prefer an unconventional color palette with autumn highlights, your fireplace mantle is the perfect place to convey your style. From nature inspired grasses, pine cones, and dried leaves to grouping small vignettes of mirrors and collectibles, your fireplace mantle doesn’t need to stay bare until Christmas! Here are some decorative ways to highlight your autumn fireplace, and set the tone for the seasons to come. Whether you are utilizing your fireplace now, or if you are waiting until the first cold snap, decorate your mantle now with these inspirational ideas.

  • Wow! With Color:  The unconventional can meet the conventional with autumn inspired fireplace mantel ideas. Create an accent wall with a vibrant color that matches your furnishings in the room, and then use decorative natural materials to add autumn highlights. Consider using straw, or hay tied with rope or raffia to exude a harvest theme around your fireplace. The mantle can house small collectibles that coordinate with the rest of your room’s decor. Play off of the autumn theme by bringing tall vertical elements to flank either side of your fireplace for extra visual interest.
  • Reflect an autumnal theme:  For those of you who prefer a traditional fall theme, infused with colors reminiscent of the changing season, look to the warm color palettes of the season. Use orange, burnt umber, gold, brown, cranberry and other deep hues in your room around your fireplace. While the mantle is a good place to start, how about reflect the entire room, literally, with a mirrored accent? A sunburst mirror or using a mirror covered stack above the mantle will make your fireplace become the showpiece of the room.
  • One mantle, different schemes:  There isn’t only one way to decorate your mantle. In fact, if you have quite a few decorative autumn decorations, why not rotate your collectibles in different vignettes every few weeks? Choose a focal point, such as a mirror, tall vase, clock or a striking ornamental figurine. Choose if you want symmetrical or asymmetry, and build off of colors, patterns, metals, and other autumn pieces. For one scheme utilize nature inspired elements, and the next use animals such as pheasants, turkeys, and rabbits! Autumn at your home can symbolize the changing of the seasons, the welcoming of a harvest, or your family’s togetherness at the beginning of the holiday season.
  • Traditional and subdued: If you prefer your fireplace to speak for itself because of it’s ornate detailing, or the style of your home lends itself to a traditional voice, look to simple centerpiece-style decor atop your mantle. Candles, autumn garland, branches, and urns give your mantle a finished look, without appearing overdressed. Depending on the height of the ceiling above your mantle will dictate if you put additional decor to compliment the mantle. If you decide to keep the mantle simple compliment the wall above with simple lines, that won’t detract from the intricate lines of your fireplace.

Autumn is finally here and we were all wondering ‘what took you so long?’ Festive hues of the season coupled with dropping temperatures means its time to start chopping firewood and lighting the fireplace. Even if you’re not using yours yet, making sure the mantle is decorated makes your living space feel warm and inviting. These creative and simple ideas are perfect for any mantle, and regardless of your design style. What creative ideas do you have for your fireplace mantle this season?