Small but cozy, the apartment you are about to see is located in Stockholm, is an tight and chic urban crib. The main living space features the entertaining space, dining room and bedroom all in one space. The small floor plan only allows for the bed to occupy an alcove near the kitchen, but this features makes it that more interesting. The end of the hallway was transformed into a modern walk-in-closet, giving the inhabitants the opportunity of using the whole space, as the closet has wardrobe fittings up to the ceiling. The space maintained its original parquet flooring, an elegant element that makes the fact that the refrigerator is located in the closet in the hallway less important. Stucco ceilings in white are visually heightened by natural light coming from large paned windows. This Stockholm apartment might be small, but it has many storing options like the walk-in closet in the hallway, closets and storage under the bed. Having direct access to the interior courtyard, the apartment encourages the inhabitants to enjoy as much fresh air as possible, inviting them to the outdoors, where patio furniture and a barbeque await. Find it here and enjoy the photos!