For today we would like to introduce you to a mind-blowing conversion of a barn in Surrey, England, into a beautiful contemporary living space. The project belongs to Stedman Blower Architects and was featured on the famous TV show “Grand Designs”. The new residence displays a highly modern appearance and an original layout. The main brief challenge was that the exterior remained comparatively unchanged. It is when one goes inside, that the transformation is striking. A huge central void (of eight and a half meter height!) sets the tone for the entire design, one that is characterized by openness and space. The rooms are connected by a dramatic suspended walkway, one that is exposed to the open plan living room. Upstairs, the main bedroom overlooks a beautiful landscape and the church where the home owners were married. The budget for the building was approximately 390 000 GBP. We are mesmerized by the way this place looks and are curious to seeing your reactions regarding this stunning barn conversion.