Tube House2 was designed by Japanese practice Hideki Iwahori in order to serve as a getaway for a married couple who lives in the heart of Tokyo. The urban racket called for a home that is secluded, peaceful and comfortable. The architecture of the project is based on an assembly of partitions resembling a series of giant tubes. A simple rectangular shape that opens up towards its environment through floor to ceiling windows was the perfect solution. According to the architects, “the living space maintains a level of openness that is both efficient and clear. a ceiling arrangement of synthetic wooden beams gains a dominant presence in the space, with roof lights between gaps illuminating the space below. featuring a thermal storage layer in the foundation, the micro-climate is passively preserved by the sun, enabling the inhabitants to freely live in open air without compromising on room temperature“. How would you comment on this home’s design, if you were to take the modern Japanese architecture trends into consideration ?