This imposing 370 square-meter contemporary residence was designed by Anastasia Architects and is located in  Belo Horizonte, Brazil. According to the architects, the clients’ brief was to build a home where external and internal areas have mixed boundaries. Here is more from the official project description: “Due to the reduced size of the site, residual and crossing spaces were practically left out (for example, there is no entrance hall, in behalf of a visual permeability with the entrance garden, achieved through large pivotal doors in the facade).The floor plan is rectangular and compact, stretching till the site’s sidelines. The rooms are illuminated by large doors front and back facades and also by matted glass locking (u-glass that acts as a good thermal insulation due to the existence of an air layer between the glass sheets) between the lagged cover labs. A glass cover over a concrete pergola complements the illumination through an indoor garden. Therefore, the house is flooded by zenithal and indirect natural light that besides avoiding artificial lighting during the day, also avoids excessive heat from direct sunlight. The prevailing wind comes from the street, thus the entering doors work as regulators of wind speed“. The interior design of this home is achieved in a tasteful modern style and the overall impression is that of an airy and spacious living space.