Located in Vrdnik, Serbia and Montenegro, the 4S House supplies us with modern architectural inspiration and a wide range of architectural details. The single family residence occupies 250 square meters on a 4,500 square meter property. Designed by A3 Architects, the 4S House project is situated in a rural area, where the inhabitants can enjoy the frisk, fresh air and natural landscape. A beautiful and contemporary combination of white walls and timber details make the residence stand out and the raised platform on which the house stands offered the architects the possibility of constructing the pool and deck on a lower level, with direct access via a double set of stairs. The timber frame that adorns the building contrasts with the metal railings to create a modern and exciting design. Tall windows ensure the interiors get plenty of natural light, while the blinds on the inside offer privacy. Enjoy the photos of the 4S House and drop us a line with your impressions on this modern residence.