Casa Club Bosque Altozano by Parque Humano was built in Mexico City, Mexico. Showcasing a distinct contemporary shape rising on a natural ledge in a hill covered area, the residence overlooks Montana Monarca valley. Exploring the panorama through a vertical selection of windows accompanying the stone volume, the house reacts to its surroundings through the choice of shapes and materials. Locally resources stone covers a steel frame, creating an exceptional facade, pierced by an artistic “hole” in the main volume. This display of coloured glass breaks the monotony of the design reminiscent of renaissance perspective drawings. The architects explain how a creative idea improved the overall look and ambiance of the house: “the amber light filtering through the artesian stained glass placed on the celosia window blends with the colour space, generating a chromatic continuity that in the course of the day moves imperceptibly through an endless scale of oranges, reds and yellows. Light also enters through two wood skylights located in the middle of the room, which helps balance the accented light that comes from the window.” Enjoy the wonderful display of modern materials, contemporary shapes and creative inspiration!