Located on a corner lot in a residential neighborhood just outside of the city of Zapopan, Mexico, the house designed by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos is a contemporary residential construction characterized by modern architecture and exquisite design. A grey stone volume and a larger, higher, transparent volume make up the bold architecture of this residence. The first body of the intersecting volumes shapes a semi-underground garage, while the second one on top extends in the back of the building to create private living spaces protected by a white steel lattice. The cantilevering master bedroom on  the second floor not only benefits from extensive panoramas of the garden and wooded backside, but also offers shade and weather protection for the deck below. Uneven levels were formed in the architecture – starting with a semi-basement and continuing all the way back to the open living spaces in the garden. These rooms are linked to the outside garden, terrace and pool by a system of folding windows. Showcasing beautiful interiors and landscaped exterior spaces, the Godoy House strives to be a fabulous dream home.