Admiring the VIP WING Lounge at the Munich Airport feels like trying to understand how the architects merged modernism and tradition not only in the design but also, the atmosphere. Created by Erich Gassmann and Tina Aßmann, the VIP WING  Lounge at the Munich Airport was created using local materials like felt, leather, and broad oak planks, enhanced by the welcoming of bright, natural light through large windows. Equipped with the latest technologies, but offering a calm and relaxing atmosphere, the VIP WING Lounge provides customers with ultramodern facilities and elegant, functional spaces. Located in the south wing of Terminal 1, the Lounge spreading across 1,200 square meters was designed to offer the best facilities for its specific customer base. The central lounge area with gastronomy is surrounded by specially designed spaces: the Schloss Neuschwanstein Conference Suite that can accommodate up to ten people, four separately usable suites, a business corner for those in need, separate workrooms for those enjoying working alone, rest areas, showers and changing facilities, an interdenominational prayer room, and a smoking corner.