Madison-based artist Shayna Leib created a series of beautiful glass sculptures entitled “Wind& Water”. Here is the artistic concept behind her mind-blowing works: “Two of the most powerful elements on our planet are nearly indiscernible to the human eye, yet we are innately aware of their presence, their capacity to soothe and destroy, and their ability to weave patterns where they touch. Wind and water possess no intrinsic color, are clear to the point of invisibility, and yet move through space. We see not their form itself, but can detect their patterns and shapes only vicariously though the objects they affect. The trace of water’s touch over moss and sea life, the wind’s passage over marshlands, through wheat fields and the fur of a long-haired animal- these two forces make their presence known. Their character is contradictory and fickle, encompassing fragility and violence, placidity and turbulence“. According to Colossal, each piece takes about a month to put together and the process involves generating over 1 mile of thin glass pieces which she then cuts into thousands of segments in order to complete the sculpture. [Photography by Jaime Young]