House La Punta was designed by Central De Arquitectura and displays a rich and inspiring diversity. We recently received a project description from the architects which we would like to share further: ” The plot of land is located in the western side of Mexico City in Bosques of the Lomas, looking to the northeast towards the street. Its total surface is 875.00m² .The project is composed of two rectangular prisms placed one over the other making an “L” shape. The house has tree levels organized as follows. The underground floor is a parking garage for six. The grownd floor is where all the semipublic activities take place. Here you will find all services, a family room with T.V. living room, kitchen, eating hall and a small deck for a BBQ outside. The first level has a king-size bedroom, two smaller twin bedrooms with independent bathrooms and dressers and a forth bedroom with bathroom and dresser of his own, a living room as well as a small study“. Enjoy the photos and get inspired!