Guna Villa is an intriguing architecture project developed by GMP Architekten and located in Jurmala, a city not far away from Riga, Latvia. The residence opens up to its spectacular landscape, comprised of a lush pine wood forest and the dunes of the Baltic Sea beach near Riga. Here is more on the home’s structure from GMP: “The villa opens up towards the south as a U-shaped structural body. The visitor enters the house protected by the elements under a projection on the western section. This western portion of the house serves as an impressive entryway. Located on the upper floor are the sleeping quarters, including bathrooms and dressing rooms, which accommodate the hostess and her guests. The living spaces are located in the eastern part of the house. The structure is organized as a split-level dwelling. This means that the levels are offset from on another by half a story. In this way a multi flight ramp becomes one of the main features of the house’s design. It occupies the central space, connects the various levels with each other and is thus part of the overall living experience. Adjoining rooms, such as the house’s library, are open to this middle space, providing views“. The most spectacular part of the house is probably the observation tower, a 15 meter platform where the inhabitants can enjoy unobstructed views of the sea.