The Laurel Residence was built to offer maximum comfort with minimum environmental impact. Located in Houston, Texas, the residence is described by the designers, Huston-based StudioMET Architects, as follows: “This house was designed for comfortable everyday living with a focus on sustainability. While simple in form the exterior utilizes a variety of low maintainence materials. The interior is organized around a large open entertaining area, which includes the kitchen, dinning room, and living room.  A loft space that overlooks the first floor living serves as a transition between public and private areas of the home.  The living room opens onto a large outdoor covered patio creating a great space for outdoor living and blurring the boundary between the two. Carefully positioned windows fill the home with an abundant amount of natural light and create a strong connection with the landscape.” While the interior spaces are large and bright, with a double-height living room in the middle, the exterior features were designed to balance relaxation and entertaining features. The front entrance is simple and modern, displaying a set of volumes covered in different materials, while the back garden features a swimming pool for family and guests. Do you like this house or prefer more outside space?