The Cube Illusion was designed by Laszlo Tompa, the Hungarian ceramic designer that describes his work on this project as follows: “At a first glance it’s not visible that the furniture hides a relatively large storage place inside due to the optical illusion of the ornaments. The case is diagonally symmetrical, so the storage section can be covered with the lid rotated 180 degrees.” Because the box was so intricate and needed precise assembly and hand-carved elements, the designer had to glue more elements at the same time without making mistakes, but his love for wood turned this detailed work into a challenge with a fascinating result. Laszlo Tompa used cherry wood to shape the square (40x40x40 cm) and the surface was covered with geometric ornaments produced by CNC-woodturning. Innovatively patterned for a box, the Cube Illusion found on Beautiful Life offers the impression of a must-have object, don’t you think so?