Its location in Buenos Aires, Argentina, makes this residence an important candidate for great weather. The subtropical climate is beautifully enjoyed from this amazing contemporary home designed for an older couple whose children have moved out. Casa del Cabo, as it was named, was designed by Argentina-based architects Andrés Remy Arquitectos and features a mix of functionality and design. The residence has access to the neighbouring lake through extensive panoramas that can be enjoyed from two of its sides. The interior space is cleverly organized: “On the inside, there is a central double high green space – structuring axe of the house – that makes air circulation moving more freely, brings some indirect zenithal light to the different areas of the house and generates crossing views between them all. With the stairs, this space connects and separates visually serving and served functions. It creates this way a new landscape that organizes into a hierarchy the hall, the stairs and the suite.” The slightly sloped terrain made a great support system for the stair-like structure built next to the pool. This allows beautiful views of the lake to be enjoyed while relaxing in the pool. Look closer to see inspiring details, like the volumetric architecture, the undulating line of the pool and terrace, or the small water feature at the entrance. Aren’t they lovely?