Not too long ago, we posted a preview of the 2012 IKEA Catalog. Now it’s time for the real thing. For today we gathered up a few lovely kitchen ideas that we believe will give you a clue regarding the trends for next year. The IKEA style can be noticed all through these photos. Small spaces were the main target of the giant furniture manufacturer. You will notice ingenious storage solutions, modern cabinets, lovely dining tables- all combined in a very appealing manner. “Kitchens are the beating hearts of our homes. Which is why yours should look and work just how you always imagined, from big things like cabinets and appliances to details like drawer organizers and flexible furniture“. The company’s message is accompanied by an online kitchen planner with the help of which users everywhere can turn their visions into reality. You can also browse the IKEA 2012 Catalog online here for more details. Enjoy!