This modern beach house was designed by Baenziger Coles Architects and is located in Point Lonsdale, Australia. The brief given by the owner envisioned a residence that would communicate well with the outdoors and reflect the inhabitant’s passion for surfing and fishing. According to the architects, “the scale of the house respects adjoining neighbors. The site orientation and arrangement of the built forms respond and embrace the natural environment at every opportunity, as does the use of local and recycled materials. The design is based on the simple arrangement of three distinct elements – the first floor “container”, the ground floor area that contains the internal spatial arrangements and the lounge area. There are many hidden treasures, finely detailed surprises, hand crafted artifacts and trinkets that have been woven into the design of the house, many only becoming evident after closer examination.” We invite you to search for these details in the photos below and allow yourself to get inspired.