HHGO Garden Residence was designed by architects Sören Hanft in collaboration with Jens Casper and is located in Oldenburg, Germany. According to the project developers, “the horizontal slats of different widths are based in their arrangement on the Fibonacci series of numbers” (a number sequence where every number is obtained by the sum of the previous two numbers) : “This creates an anomaly that affects the design harmoniously. The silvery-brown to dark gray-colored glazed larch wood, the structure can be visually blend with the natural surroundings of the garden and takes the same color of the weathering of the wood in advance. While the facade of the exterior into the interior continues to draw the boundaries between inside and outside are broken up visually. The house is divided into three units, which are sensitive in their regional planning (optimal) are adapted to the lifestyle and the (future) needs of residents“. What is your opinion on the exterior of this modern crib?