Apollo 11 is a fascinating studio home designed by Parra+Edwards Arquitectos and located in a beautiful forest in La Reina, Santiago, Chile. According to the architects, the name of the project derives from the resemblance of the building with a ship that landed in a forest without touching it at any time and will also leave the forest intact at its departure. The house is said to function as an architecture workshop, a recording studio and a rehearsal room for acoustic and electric music. It is a capsule that supports the life of its crew, a family of architects and musicians. The residence consists of two levels, each of them maximizing the views this lovely site has to offer. With a spectacular interior design, the family living here is invited to create and be a witness of the beautiful landscape: “Inside the ship, the inhabitant is a guest, a silent spectator of the nature of the forest in all its dimensions, as a temporary crew capsule aware of their status in a place that belongs to them, but that is not their property“. Definitely something to think about when designing a home, by both architects and future inhabitants.