Architect Jean-Luc Fugier created a small modern looking building that currently houses a parking ticket machine, a kiosk window, a parking attendants office and a restroom. The project is located outside Aix-en-Provence, France. Here is a description from the project developer: “ The architectural expression of the pavilion was found in the contradiction between controlling and welcoming the public, forming a duality between a plain building that groups the necessary mechanisms for control while realizing that which is necessary to create a welcoming public atmosphere. Driven by the environmental context from which the project is derived as well as the surrounding landscape, we looked at the concept of a cabin. Natural and environmentally friendly materials from local industry that were acquired from nearby businesses and carried out by local labour with remarkable skill demonstrate a real approach to sustainable architecture, from concept to construction. It’s about giving meaning to architecture that is capable of expressing the environmental goals established by vehicle drop-off programs.”. Find it friendly? [Photography by Philippe Piron].