Nicholas Hyde recently sent us some of his graphic works inspired by George Lucas’s  epic space opera- Star Wars. In this post we decided to showcase the framed version of the prints, which could make for some really cool decorating items for the movie fans. We asked Nicholas for a short personal description of his works and here is his answer:  “I am really into minimalist art and also skateboard art such as Jim Phillips, Marc McKee and Evan Hecox.  I like the humorous mashup of iconic things that 90’s skateboard art had and wanted to portray it in my own way.  I also really love Star Wars and wanted to put the characters from the movies in an 80’s hip-hop environment but still keep them as minimal as possible.  The pieces all came from those concepts”. We found out his works are being sold on Etsy, for $40. Star Wars and pop art fans out there, how do you find them?