Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander was blessed with a fantastic residence where she can relax and enjoy the serenity of family life. Located in Arild, Sweden, the beautiful 1970 home found on Mixr displays a shabby mix of interior design sources. The designer and her husband saw the villa three times before they bought it, but the decision was a great one because it allowed them to recondition every space. Removing the old floors and rearranging the interior space gave the residence a new life: white walls became blank canvases for the interior decorations and furnishings while the many windows draw natural light in. An old circular staircase that connects the two floors was added to the main living space. The rooms were beautified by adding timeless pieces of furniture: a dining room table from Egypt, paintings from artist Tove Mauritzon, and an old gymnastics terminal turned into a bench, to name just a few. Old, aged objects that each tells a story found their place in the designer’s home as a reminder of the family’s love for exceptional furniture and decorations. Their waterfront house was turned into a comfortable and unique home – this should inspire everyone to create their own personalized space to feel comfortable in.